Friday, April 15, 2011

Empty my hands...

I consider myself a pretty competent person. I learn very easily (well, knowledge at least. Wisdom...not so much). I believe that I can achieve pretty difficult tasks. A portion of this feeling of ability comes from the knowledge that I am a child of God and that He has given me certain talents and capabilities. But there is a bigger thing that overshadows this. I tend to forget that what I have is from God and get off into the foolish notion that I am pretty cool. I get caught up in my abilities and start to think that, "Hey, I am doing pretty well here. I'm kind of a big deal. Look at how good I am at _______." I forget that I of myself "am nothing". That "in my own strength I am weak" (Alma 26:11-12). I start to do things my way instead of His way. That's when I really get into a pickle. Luckily, God knows what to do in situations like me. I think Johnny Cash said it the best in his repentance proclaiming ballad "Sooner or later, God will cut you down."

The amusing thing is, when I submit myself to the Lord, I prosper in every aspect of my life. When I start to get prideful and start to do it my way, thinking I can do it without His help, the Lord withdraws His support and I am left to myself. Things start to go downhill. What's the solution? Give up control. Submit my will to the Lord and stop being such an idiot. How do I ensure that I am always moving forward and that I don't get bogged down? Submit my will to the Lord. Give it all up.

Brother Lawrence F. Corbridge sums it up better than I could. He stated, "Just give up. Surrender your will to Him. Unconditionally. Withhold nothing. Turn it all over to Him; all of your desires, wishes, dreams and hopes. Be true and faithful in your head and in your heart, not just in your behavior. Trust in Him. Trust Him who knows all things. Trust Him who has all power. Trust Him whose love for you is perfect. Trust Him, who alone suffered, paid and atoned for you sins, and for your weaknesses as well. Trust Him that He will make of you, immeasurably more, than what you will ever, ever in all eternity, make of yourself. He will create of you a masterpiece. You will create of you only a smudge. You will create an ordinary man. He will create a God."

If we trust Him, we will be transformed. If we trust Him, He will guide us back to our Heavenly Father. If we trust Him, we won't be tossed to and fro', driven like the waves of the sea. My real issues come down to trust. When I don't trust that things will turn out the way the Lord promises, I try and take matters into my own hands and I end up getting less than what I want. Sometimes, I have righteous desires that of themselves are not bad, but they are not what the Lord wants for me at this time. That's when we really have to dig deep and let go of control, putting total trust in the Lord. It hurts, but it's worth it. I have to let go of what I want and seek the Lord's guidance and direction in my life, for everything.

Again, music  is the only way that can say what I am trying to say. I couldn't find the not so loud version of the song, "Empty My Hands" by Tenth Ave. North, so here you go.

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  1. thanks.. you always say just want i need to hear.. Love you