Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mom is cooler than your Mom!

Mom with her youngest grandchild
"The holiest words my tongue can frame,
The noblest thoughts my soul can claim,
Unworthy are to praise the name
More precious than all other.

An infant, when her love first came,
A man, I find it still the same,
Reverently I breathe her name,
The blessed name of mother"
By George Griffith Fether

Don't try and compare, it just doesn't work out. We could argue about this all the day long. My Mom is the best. That's a fact. How do I know this to be true? How have I come to this conclusion? I could tell you but it's science so you wouldn't understand. Haha! OK, OK. I'm just kidding. I know there are a lot of great Mothers out there. My life has been greatly influenced not only by my own Mother but myriads of others. To all you wonderful women I say Grazie mille! But to my beautiful Mother, what can I say? Words cannot express the love I have for her. I look at her and see a woman who has had so much opposition in her life, yet she has continued to push forward and overcome. What is my Mom to me? She is diligence. She is love. She is patience. She is charity. She is kindness. She is so funny. She is goodness. She is all that and so much more. I love you Mom. Thank you for it all. Thank you for holding my hand leading me to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for being patient with me as I put you through hell before (and probably still after) I received my testimony that the Restoration is true. I miss our car rides with good vibes and talking about life. Tomorrow I get to skype home, and it's going to be great to see and talk to you. I love ya Mom! Your the best!

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