Saturday, June 18, 2011

He's Short. He's Brown. He's Wicked Sweet! He's........ My Dad!

I have the coolest Dad in the world. I have to admit it. He's pretty swell. He was born in the Kingdom of Tonga and moved to the United States during High School. That's just one of the cool things about him. My Dad is the humblest person I know. He is incredible! He's not one to brag about his accomplishments, so I will...

 He began his career in law enforcement as a prison guard at the Utah State Prison. His abilities and talents helped him move up in the ranks quickly and was a member of the K-9 unit. He spent several years on the special weapons and tactics (S.W.A.T.) team as well. Much of his career has been spent as part of various task force's and units in the Salt Lake area. He even did a stint for a certain federal agency. He is now a probation officer and sitting behind a desk (in an office which is half the size of my moms. Haha, had to throw that in there. They work at the same place.)

This is just a few of  the cool things that he has been a part of, but there's much more to my Pops. Boy does he know how to cook. Best chop suey ever. He is so buff! The man has mammoth calf muscles that put mine to shame. He is the greatest example of repentance, forgiveness, love, charity, and patience that I know (besides my Mom of course). There is no one in this world that loves his children, and especially his grandchildren more than my Dad.

He has been patient with me throughout my life, and has continually shared his testimony of the restored Gospel. He watched me struggle and pushed me along in life, and would continually be a support to me, regardless of the choices I made. He was there for me in my lowest of lows. He never gave up on me. He now rejoices that I have a testimony of the Restored Gospel and that I am serving a mission to share the things I know to be true.

Heavenly Father has really blessed me. He gave me a Dad here on this earth that would do many of the same things that He himself would do if He were here. Just like my mortal father, my Heavenly Father has been patient with me. He watches me struggle, and pushes me along. He is my constant support. He is here for me in my lowest of lows, and He rejoices with me in my highest of highs. I know that He lives and that He loves me. He loves you too. I pray that I can be like my Dad, who is so much like my Heavenly Father. Happy Father's day!

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