Thursday, September 29, 2011

What did Bob Marley and Mormons have in common?

Probably more than you would think! I love reggae music, and although Bob Marley isn't my most favorite reggae artist, one of his classics has been on my mind lately. It's the song, "Give thanks and praises". In contains the lines, 

"Glory to Jah, the Prophet is come (through all these ages);
Glory to Jah, the Prophet has come (through these stages)."

For your information, Jah is the shortened Rastafarian (Bob Marley's religion for a large portion of his life) way of saying YHWH or Jehovah. Bob Marley believed in a living prophet, and he sang his beliefs beautifully. That simple statement has summed up how I have been feeling in preparation for this weekend. What is this weekend you may ask? It is the weekend of General Conference! In this conference, we have the opportunity to come and listen to a prophets voice! What a grand thought!

We have the supernal blessing of being able to hear the words of a living Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. He will testify of Jesus Christ and will give us the guidance and direction that our Heavenly Father wishes us to have. I know this from personal experience.

About two years ago, I was wondering around a bit. I was very indecisive of what I wanted/needed/should do. I had the choices before me: 

      AGo on a mission
      B: Stay home, finish school, get married, have kids

Thomas S. Monson, Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ
At the time, I had a lady friend, and that made me start to think more about marriage. I wanted to stay home and be with my family. I wanted to do the second one, but I felt uneasy about it all. It was getting close to decision time, and I prayed my heart out. I pretty much told Heavenly Father that "B" was the way I was going. A week later was general conference, and in the back of my mind was the question, "What should I do?". I started to watch conference with the question still bouncing around in my mind. President Monson got up to speak first, and lo' and behold, 2 minutes into it he spoke about missionaries. The Spirit confirmed to me that staying home wasn't an option. I was to get out on a mission, quick! 

I followed what I knew to be right, and it's the best choice I ever made. It doesn't matter who you are, or what kind of opposition you face. You can take whatever challenges, issues, questions, or problems you have to Heavenly Father in prayer, and I promise you that you can receive the help you need from something that will be said in General Conference. Put it to the test and let your life be blessed! Glory to God, the Prophet has come!

To watch General Conference, click here.

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